Town of Sitia

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Sitia or Siteia is a small but charming market town in Lassithi Prefecture, Crete, laid out in a horseshoe shape on the side of a hill in the northeast of the island.

Sitia is the seat of Sitia Municipality and one of the most pleasant and attractive towns in Lassithi, retaining its peaceful atmosphere in spite of tourism and development.

This is aided by the wonderful landscape of Sitia, with its pretty bay, small harbour and mountain peaks on the horizon south of the town.

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Sights and Monuments

The whole area around Sitia is a land of contrasts, with high mountains, hills and valleys, caves and sandy beaches with their little coves. The landscape is a combination of Mediterranean and African, with hot, dry areas alternating with cooler, milder spots. Sitia town has a very good harbour, serving both the ferries connecting it to Piraeus and other islands, and the fishing boats which add a picturesque note to the scene.

The seafront with its palm trees and lovely promenade along the harbour makes the town even prettier and more romantic, ideal for moonlit walks. Even the beach, to the left of the town, is a permanent temptation for a dip, with its fine sand and clear waters.

History os Sitia

The name Sitia is derived from the ancient city of Itia, birthplace of one of the seven wise-men of the antiquity, Mison. In the site that the town is built today only few archaeological findings have been excavated. Middle-Minoan and Late-Minoan tombs, Geometrical and Hellenic statues and shells, Roman buildings and an Early-Christian Basilica. Sitia existed during the Late-Minoan period and until the Venetian period. During the Venetian occupation the town of Sitia was destroyed three times.

In 1508 by a terrible earthquake, in 1538 by the pirate Barbarosa and in 1651 by the Venetians so as not to fall in the hands of the Turks. For two centuries Sitia ceased to exist as a town, until 1869. The present city was built in 1870. Since then, Sitia is developing to one of the most important urban areas in Crete.

The beaches of Sitia

  • Η παραλία της Σητειας
  • Η παραλία στο Βάι
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The beaches near Sitia are very clean and paradisiacal. The majority of these have been awarded with the Blue Flag! The most popular is the Vai beach with the known palm forest, the Itanos beach, Goudouras beach, Kato Zakros beach, the Kouremenos beach, Koutsouras, Xerokampos, Papadiokampos, xiona and the Sitia beach which is located within the city and is the most organized with water sports, tavernas, cafes, sun beds and umbrellas, as well as rooms.

Believe us, it's worth visiting Sitia. The hometown of Vitsentzou Cornarou has to offer thrills and beautiful moments to all visitors having their holidays in our town!

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Sitias local products

Recent acquisition of Sitia is the showroom - museum of local products. Created and run by the European Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Sitia. The purpose of this is the promotion of local products, the region's economic development and the strengthening of local production. The main products listed are worldwide known. These include the famous olive oil "Sitia", the famous "Cretan local wine" Sitia and raki Varvaki.

Get to know our products and our own producers. Producing primary products with top quality, which they deserve your preference. Olive oil from Sitia and Kritsa, vegetables from Ierapetra, wine from small producers like the Sitia Union, the monastery Toplou etc. Sitia also produce cheese, xygalo & milk.